Nightmares!, by Jason Segel

This book is a horror/fantasy book. It has all sorts of nightmarish things in it, including killer bunnies, a witch with a large appetite, a gorgon, and certain boy named Charlie who quite definitely is sleep-deprived and antagonized. When Charlie goes to sleep his spirit passes into the realm of Nightmares, called the Netherworld, and his body stays safe in bed. However, when his dreams become all too real, his body also passes into the terrifying world of the Netherworld. Soon he finds out that he needs to conquer his nightmares to ever get back. At the same time, in the Netherworld, chaos reigns. Under the self-appointed rule of President Fear, a giant, children are tortured and the Netherworld is thrown into a huge civil war. Charlie finds himself caught in the middle. In the end, he makes a fool of the so-called “great” President Fear. This book is very tense and tortuous. I like it a lot.♣