Benjamin Franklin An Essay

Benjamin Franklin was born in Boston, Massachusetts, on January 17th, 1706. Ben was a great inventor who is known for his sayings. He is famous for his political cartoons, discoveries in electricity, and ingenious inventions.

Benjamin Franklin invented many useful items. His most famous invention is the Franklin Stove. Before furnaces, people used fireplaces for heat. Fireplaces didn’t heat the entire room, but the Franklin Stove heated a larger amount of space with the same amount of wood. He also created swim flippers, which still help many people swim today.

Though Ben didn’t exactly invent electricity or the Gulf Stream, he did discover a lot about them. His widely known kite experiment happened in 1752. Then, Ben invented the lightning rod, which many of us safe in our homes today. Ben studied and made the first map of the Gulf Stream in 1769.

Franklin is also know for his cartoon ‘Join, or Die,’ published in 1754. Franklin also created ‘Poor Richard’s Almanac,’ in which he put his sayings. It was first published in 1759.

Benjamin Franklin is a well-loved scientist. Franklin is also known for his cartoons, maps, electricity experiments, and creative inventions. Ben is a widely known scientist who is still influential today.