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The Reign of Terror by G. A. Henty

This book is about a boy named Harry. He is against the French Revolution and is doing everything he can to stop it. His sisters and he are in danger because the government has arrested their father, and has an arrest warrant for them. His sisters are eventually captured, but Harry remains free. He eventually rescues them with a friend, and makes his way back to his homeland, England. It is a historical fiction novel and is very interesting.

Curiosity House: The Shrunken Head by Lauren Oliver

Four children named Thomas, Max, Pippa, and Sam are “freaks”, so to say. They first lived in orphanages before they were transferred to Dumfrey’s Dime Museum. An amazonian shrunken head is put on display. Immediately following, a trail of murders ticks off. A newspaper man, Bill Evans, writes stories on these murders. As he closes in around the case, he too dies a frightful death. The children are the only ones who possess the powers to stop these murders. They have only a matter of time left to figure out who murdered these people before it was too late, or their loving caretaker would be killed. In the end, they find the person who committed the crime, but he got away. This book is filled with mystery and danger from cover to cover. I really enjoyed it.♣

Beyond This VI

In a land far away,
There lies a house.
Beyond the house,
A garden,
Beyond the garden,
A field.

In the house,
An exquisite architecture.
Beyond this,
Seven towers,
Beyond the towers,
Seven rooms.

In the garden,
A soft mist.
Beyond this,
Many trees,
Beyond the trees,
Many a flower.

In the field,
A green grass.
Beyond this,
Some rushes,
Beyond the rushes,
Some ponds.♣

Benjamin Franklin An Essay

Benjamin Franklin was born in Boston, Massachusetts, on January 17th, 1706. Ben was a great inventor who is known for his sayings. He is famous for his political cartoons, discoveries in electricity, and ingenious inventions.

Benjamin Franklin invented many useful items. His most famous invention is the Franklin Stove. Before furnaces, people used fireplaces for heat. Fireplaces didn’t heat the entire room, but the Franklin Stove heated a larger amount of space with the same amount of wood. He also created swim flippers, which still help many people swim today.

Though Ben didn’t exactly invent electricity or the Gulf Stream, he did discover a lot about them. His widely known kite experiment happened in 1752. Then, Ben invented the lightning rod, which many of us safe in our homes today. Ben studied and made the first map of the Gulf Stream in 1769.

Franklin is also know for his cartoon ‘Join, or Die,’ published in 1754. Franklin also created ‘Poor Richard’s Almanac,’ in which he put his sayings. It was first published in 1759.

Benjamin Franklin is a well-loved scientist. Franklin is also known for his cartoons, maps, electricity experiments, and creative inventions. Ben is a widely known scientist who is still influential today.

Cell VII

Perfect, round, exact,
Walls to protect,
And a nucleus to function,
Square, large, purple, bent,
A cell so different,
But so much the same.♣

Tree VI

A tree-
Erect, tall, thin,
Grey in color,
Rough to the touch,
Round, straight, grey, curved,
A tree quite large,
but still so small.♣