The magicians elephant by Kate dicamillo

Peter, a friendly boy, has lost his sister, Adele! A fortuneteller says that an elephant will lead him to her. There are no elephants here…
…except for one…
The next day, Peter was in the market. The fishmonger* is talking about an elephant. Peter races home.
Soon he finds the elephant, who is homesick. That night, Peter releases the elephant. She leads Peter to Adele. By means of a magician, the elephant is sent back to her home. Young readers will love this book.

* someone who sells fish

-Calvin Ophoff

The 21 Balloons by William pene du bois Winner of the Newberry Medal

Stranded in Paradise- that was certainly the last thing Professor Sherman, a middle aged professor, had in mind  when he took off in 1849 in his balloon, the Globe. After having landed in this unrealistic paradise, he discovered  the secret of this  paradise, the “gourmet government”,   and some amazing inventions, ending with the biggest explosion ever known.

-Calvin Ophoff

The borrowers by Mary Norton

Meet the Clocks- Pod, Homily, and Arrietty. They live under an old grandfather clock in a house. The problem is that Pod has been seen by a boy. And now that Arrietty has gotten out of Pod’s house, she’s been seen by the boy, too. Arrietty made friends with the boy, but that doesn’t stop the 2 other people in the house from killing the Clocks. The boy brings things to the Clocks every night at 12:00. But then the boy is seen! The ratcatcher comes tries to smoke the Clocks out, but the boy ventilates the Pod’s home, and the smoke blows out. Fun for young and old (but especially young readers!).

-Calvin Ophoff