The Book of Three, by Lloyd Alexander

This book is about a boy, Taran, who finds greatness. We first meet Taran in the small town of Caer Dallben. When Taran is watching the pig Hen Wen, she run away into the forest his elders told him never to go into. He follows Hen Wen, but doesn’t find her. He does find Prince Gwydion, though. They travel together on a white stallion named Melyngar. It is not long, however, until the Cauldron-Born, the soldiers of Arawn, King of the Annuvin, find them and take them to Spiral Castle, where an enchantress named Achren lives. She separates Taran and Gwydion, and Taran goes tot he dungeons. There, Taran meets a girl named Eilonwy. Eilonwy helps him and a bard named Fflewdur Fflam get out of Spiral Castle. On the way, Eilonwy takes the Sword of Dyrnwyn with her. As they travel closer to Caer Dathyl, they find a hungry wolfhound named Gurgi. As the four of them travel closer and closer to Caer Dathyl, Gurgi find Hen Wend, and finally Taran meets The Horned King, Arawn’s servant. Taran draws the Sword of Dyrnwyn, which explodes in a wave of fire, killing The Horned King.

I like this book. It is the first book in the Chronicles of Prydain series. I think that I’m going to read all of the books!

The Ghost of Thomas Kempe by Penelope Lively

The Ghost of Thomas Kempe is a book where a poor little boy gets bullied by a ghost. At first, the bullying is just a handfull of bossy messages. But soon the ghosts gets anxious and begins breaking things. Eventually, he starts to wreck the town! The boy is punished for all this. Mrs. Verity, the old widow who lives down the street, was called a witch by the ghost! One night he even burned her house. The boy asks Bert Ellison to help him trap the ghost. Ellison tries 2 traps, but both fail. Eventually, Ellison shows the boy a vault under the church where they find the ghost’s tomb, marked,

Here lyeth ye body of Thomas Kempe Apothecary he departed this life ye last day of October, October 31 Ao 1629 in the 63 year of his Age.

Thomas Kempe sweeps in and…  …goes out like a candle.

I like this book. It’s not really scary. Some moments are even sad. Good for all ages and a mystery!