Taran the Wanderer, by Lloyd Alexander

This book is about a boy named Taran who seeks his parents. We first meet Taran doing exactly what I told you: seeking his parents. However, Taran meets an evil wizard named Morda. Morda almost turns Taran into a worm, but Taran breaks Morda’s life. Doli of the Fair Folk meets them and tells Taran that when he blows on the battle horn, Fair Folk would come and help. They meet a troublesome group of warriors named Dorath and Co. Dorath is very hospitable and invites them to stay for the night. Unfortunately, Dorath steals Taran’s sword. Taran leaves their company in the heat of anger. He meets a poor and ill-minded shepherd in the mountains. Taran blows his horn when the shepherd is hanging between life and death, but still the shepherd dies. Taran moves on to a new family, drops them, and goes to the Free Commots. He finds three jobs in teh Commots, but none of them interest him, so he leaves. He eventually finds a lake that will show him who he really is, but Dorath destroys it. Taran learns something in this adventure.

I like book number four in the Chrnoicles of Prydain series just as much as the rest. Only one more book to go!

The Castle of Llyr, by Lloyd Alexander

This book is about a group of friends who meet extraordinary dangers. We first meet them walking through a large forest where they meet an unusual man who calls himself Prince Rhun. They ride his ship to Eilonwy’s first stopping, which may be her last. Magg, the chief steward, seems nice enough, but he’s not at all what he looks like. One night, Magg rouses Eilonwy and they ride off. Taran, Fflewdur Fflam, Gurgi, and Prince Rhun set out to find her. Once cheerful day, they travelers meet Llyan, an angry wildcat. They find Eilonwy’s magical Bauble, but fall into a hole, where a giant named Glew lives. Glew traps them, but they escape. They head to Caer Colur, Eilonwy’s home. Achren is there, and so is Eilonwy. Eilonwy, however, is under Achren’s control. Eilonwy destroys the Caer Colur and everyone almost drowns, but Llyan pulls all the good people, including Eilonwy, out of the sea. Llyan journeys back to Caer Dallben with Taran, Fflewdur, and Gurgi. Eilonwy hopes to see Taran again soon.

This, the third book in the Chronicles of Prydain series, is also an awesome book. I would recommend it to anyone who likes fantastic stories.

The Black Cauldron, by Lloyd Alexander

This book si about a group of friends who destroy Arawn’s greatest power, the Black Cauldron (a.k.a. The Black Crochan). We meet them first in Caer Dallben, while they are having a council. They speak of how they are going to get the Black Cauldron. By daybreak the next norming, they’re gone. Taran’s group of guards consists of Taran, Adaon, and Prince Ellidyr, son of Pen-Llarcau. That night, they take guard by the Dark Gate to the Annuvin. That very night, Eilonwy and Gurgi find them. Doli of the Fair Folk brings news that the Cauldron is not in the Annuvin. A crow they meet called Kau tells them that the witches Orddu, Orwen, and Orgoch own the Cauldron. They find the witches and trade Adaon’s brooch for the Cauldron. They are told that a live man must willingly jump in. The problem? That man dies. The evil traitor King Morgant kidnaps them, taking the Cauldron. Doli saves them and they start the battle. It was Ellidyr who paid the final price; he jumped in the Cauldron and destroyed it.

I like this book. It is the second in the Chronicles of Prydain.