Theras and His Town by Caroline Dale Snedeker

Theras and His Town is about the struggle of an Athenian boy called Theras whose father was killed in battle and who was parted from his family and sent to Sparta, a nearby city-state in Ancient Greece. He goes to great lengths to return home, and on the way, meets Abas, a perioikoi boy. Eventually, Theras and Abas make it back to Athens after months of traveling. When he returns, Theras discovers that his father is alive and well, and had only been imprisoned and released, not killed. This book is not only about Ancient Greece, but also about family, and helping those in need.

The Hittite Warrior by Joanne Williamson

The Hittite Warrior is about a young boy who grew up in Hatti, an ancient Hittite province. As he grows up, the people on the other side of the Mediterranean Sea, the Sea Peoples, became more and more dangerous, imposing a threat on the boy’s homeland. He is forced to flee his country and goes to Canaan, where a large family takes him in a cares for him. He meets a friend there, and together the two save a baby from being sacrificed to a god. This, however, made them unwanted in Canaan, and once again, the boy is forced to run for it, his new friend tagging along. They go south, into the land of the Hebrews, who almost sacrifice the pair to their god. They are spared from that fate by an old woman who used to be a Canaanite before she too had to flee. After a few weeks, the boy returns home to Hatti, only to find that the Sea Peoples have begun to attack the country. He goes to fight the Peoples, but when he returns home, the capital city gets destroyed. ‘The Hittite Warrior’ is a well written masterpiece, telling the tale of a fugitive as he runs around the Mediterranean.

Streams to the River, Rivers to the Sea by Scott O’Dell

This book is about Sacagawea and her life. It is partly fictional, but mostly non-fiction. In the beginning Sacagawea is taken prisoner by the Minnetaree from her home land of the Shoshone. She is won in marriage by a half Minnetaree man named Charbonneau. When William Clark and Meriwether Lewis stay for the winter there with the Corps of Discovery, Charbonneau offers his services to them. He reluctantly takes Sacagawea with him. At the end, she sends her son to a University in Saint Louis and wins the trust of many Americans.℘

The Reign of Terror by G. A. Henty

This book is about a boy named Harry. He is against the French Revolution and is doing everything he can to stop it. His sisters and he are in danger because the government has arrested their father, and has an arrest warrant for them. His sisters are eventually captured, but Harry remains free. He eventually rescues them with a friend, and makes his way back to his homeland, England. It is a historical fiction novel and is very interesting.

Sword Song, by Rosemary Sutcliff

This is a book about a teenager, Bjarni, who gets kicked out of his viking tribe for killing a man of the White Christ (a monk). He is told he must stay outlaw for five years. Bjarni decides to join a tribe led by Onund Treefoot, a man with a stout oak leg. After two summers worth of seafaring, Bjarni’s new dog, named Hugin, almost gets killed, but doesn’t. Onud expels Bjarni from his tribe, and Bjarni, and Bjarni gives his service to Thorstein the Red, a man with flaming red hair. During his time with Thorstein’s tribe, Bjarni witnesses Thorstein’s death. Later that summer, Thorstein’s wife, the Lady Aud, gives Bjorni his sword-service back, and she gives him a new sword. Bjarni sets sail with an old friend who almost gets shipwrecked. Bjarni saves himself and meets a nice young lady whom he takes home and marries, for the five years of outlaw have passed.

This was a good book. I think others will like it, especially adventurous kids and those who like history.

Time Cat By Lloyd Alexander

This is a fun, exciting, and adventurous book. Jason, a boy, and Gareth, a cat, go on nine fun adventures. They teach people how to treat cats, and, in return, those people teach them something about themselves. My favorite adventure is in Germany, in 1600.Everybody in the town they visit is superstitious about witches & demons. Jason and Gareth get arrested, but escape with the help of an old miller. Some of the adventures are hilarious, others are suspenseful or mysterious, and all of them are educational. Jason and Gareth are brave and daring. I love this book. I would recommend it to anybody, but young readers will especially like this book.

Calvin Ophoff