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Woods IX

The forest is quiet, asleep in a dream,
A wolf family lies within,
The mother is lean,
And her children are weaning,
While the father is hunting for food.℘


I sit in the cool water,
The misty fog around me,
The sun just up,
The shadows long,
The reflections vivid and pale.

A foggy morning in an old pond
And I a crooked branch.♣

Beyond This VI

In a land far away,
There lies a house.
Beyond the house,
A garden,
Beyond the garden,
A field.

In the house,
An exquisite architecture.
Beyond this,
Seven towers,
Beyond the towers,
Seven rooms.

In the garden,
A soft mist.
Beyond this,
Many trees,
Beyond the trees,
Many a flower.

In the field,
A green grass.
Beyond this,
Some rushes,
Beyond the rushes,
Some ponds.♣

Cell VII

Perfect, round, exact,
Walls to protect,
And a nucleus to function,
Square, large, purple, bent,
A cell so different,
But so much the same.♣

Tree VI

A tree-
Erect, tall, thin,
Grey in color,
Rough to the touch,
Round, straight, grey, curved,
A tree quite large,
but still so small.♣

Chair III

The chair smiles
As rays of light
Fall upon it.
Its soft surface
Beams with delight
As it wakes
In the morning
It warms itself
From the sun’s heat
And sits up.♣