Woods IX

The forest is quiet, asleep in a dream,
A wolf family lies within,
The mother is lean,
And her children are weaning,
While the father is hunting for food.℘


I sit in the cool water,
The misty fog around me,
The sun just up,
The shadows long,
The reflections vivid and pale.

A foggy morning in an old pond
And I a crooked branch.♣

Beyond This VI

In a land far away,
There lies a house.
Beyond the house,
A garden,
Beyond the garden,
A field.

In the house,
An exquisite architecture.
Beyond this,
Seven towers,
Beyond the towers,
Seven rooms.

In the garden,
A soft mist.
Beyond this,
Many trees,
Beyond the trees,
Many a flower.

In the field,
A green grass.
Beyond this,
Some rushes,
Beyond the rushes,
Some ponds.♣

Cell VII

Perfect, round, exact,
Walls to protect,
And a nucleus to function,
Square, large, purple, bent,
A cell so different,
But so much the same.♣

Tree VI

A tree-
Erect, tall, thin,
Grey in color,
Rough to the touch,
Round, straight, grey, curved,
A tree quite large,
but still so small.♣